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UC News is specially designed for India. It comes in many native Indian languages. With UC News you can read News in Hindi (Hindi Samachar), News in Tamil; also news from Telugu newspaper, Marathi newspaper, Gujarati, Malayalam newspaper, Bengali newspaper, Kannada, Punjabi

You can also visit uc news hindi site: http://ucnews.in/hindi


How to read news in Hindi with UC News Hindi?


1. Download UC News app

Click here to download UC News apk directly. Depends on your network condition, it usually takes a few minutes.

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2. Install UC News app

Choose install, and grant necessary permission.

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3. Open UC News app and choose Hindi

After you install the app, open it and choose from its language options. Hindi is at the bottom. You can now start to read Hindi news with UC News.

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UC News covers all trending contents in Hindi, including current affairs, Hindi Movies, Hindi TV Shows, Hindi songs, Hindi Cricket games.

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UC News Hindi
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