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UC News comes in Android and IOS versions. To make your download easier, we offer the latest version of UC News app for Android here on our site. You can download and install the app real fast. Click here to download UC News app (apk) directly.

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November 26, 2017
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UC News APK Download
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UC News app – Small and Fast

UC News app for Android is small and fast. It loads news instantly. You can read news nonstop piece after piece.

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UC News apk – Offline Reading

You can read news with 0 data usage via UC News. Save news articles with just one tap. You can read anywhere, anytime with UC News.

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UC News app – Facebook Login

You can log in UC News with your Facebook account. Quickly share UC News articles with your Facebook friends. Discuss the hottest topics with FB friends.

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UC News apk – Massive News Content

UC News has a massive library of trending news in all categories, from current affairs, world news, Bollywood headlines, Cricket Live Score to Tech news, Job vacancies, politics and more. You can always find news that pique your interests. Be the first to know what’s happening in the world!

download uc news app to get cricket live socre, hot videos, bollywood news, etc.